Oncolgy Surgery

Surgical Oncology

Levant specializes in serving a unique niche of surgical oncology, which focuses on invasive treatment for the resection of cancerous tumors.  As part of our efforts to advance medical technology, we have partnered with the esteemed Italian company RanD to introduce to the Israeli market the RanD Preformer P3 system, an innovative solution designed for high-temperature and controlled chemotherapeutic washes (HIPEC). Years of R&D went into perfecting the development of this device, which is specially designed to maintain constant temperature throughout operations, ensuring both patient safety and staff well-being during local chemotherapy washes. This device, exclusively available through Levant, is recommended by surgeons and oncologists, depending upon the type of tumor and cancer. It is a game-changer, transforming the landscape of oncological surgery in hospitals across the region.

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