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Your trusted partner since 1944, we pride ourselves on delivering top medical and science solutions to the Israeli market. Representing leading global companies in the field, we specialize in providing the most advanced medical devices and research equipment, driven by state-of-the-art technological innovation. As market leaders, we’re committed to shaping the future of healthcare and scientific exploration – and have the vision and holistic solutions to do so. 

Clinical Studies and Regulations

Explore our comprehensive coverage of clinical studies and regulations in the medical device industry. Stay informed with the latest trends, insights and best practices that are driving advancements in patient care and shaping the future of the medical device landscape.

We represent the world’s leading medical solutions and scientific brands, distributing high-end innovative medical devices to meet the healthcare needs of our valued customers. Together with our esteemed partners, we are unwavering in our commitment to ensure excellence and innovation that meet our customers’ varied healthcare needs.

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The EggNest™ radiation protection system

The EggNest™ radiation protection system reduces radiation exposure without compromising workflow. With up 97% overall scatter radiation reduction, the EggNest™ provides protection for the medical team regardless of location in the procedural room.


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We specialize in supplying, distributing, and marketing high-end medical devices, scientific products and research equipment as well as innovative 360-degree solutions for clients across all of Israel’s major hospitals, clinics, labs and research institutes. Our area of expertise includes serving departments of interventional cardiology, anesthesia, respiration, intensive care, maternity, neonatology, neurology, urology, orthopedic, vascular surgery, radiology, and trauma and as well as scientific and industrial research labs. We exclusively represent the following leading medical and laboratory equipment manufacturers: Abbott Vascular, Boston Scientific, G.E.Healthcare, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Jotec/Cryolife, Tokai  and more.

We take pride in the extraordinary level of professionalism of our certified clinical specialists, service engineers and medical technicians who are all trained and authorized by our respective medical device producers to participate in medical procedures and provide clinical studies CRO services. 

Our strength and longstanding reputation of trust lies in our highly skilled professional staff who provide immediate, comprehensive, round-the-clock technical, clinical and logistical services to our customers. Our dedicated sales managers, service engineers, technicians and headquarter staff represent world-leading medical solutions and scientific brands and are therefore all expertly trained to ensure that our clients the get most out of the technologically advanced devices and solutions we provide.

We are ISO 9002-approved by the Standards Institution of Israel (1997) and ISO 27003-certified by our world-leading supply partners (2016).

Established in 1944 as Levant X-Ray Ltd., we became Levant Technologies Ltd. in 1994 to better encompass our diverse activities in technology, medicine, and research. While our name changed, our mission and priority have remained the same throughout the decades: providing major Israeli healthcare institutions with expert service, cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering commitment to quality, all of which have ensured superior results and improved patient outcomes.

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